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Skin Consultations

GP Skin Checks & Mole Checks

Our GPs are able to deal with most skin conditions and are able to prescribe fully-funded roaccutane for moderate to severe acne. Dr Marcus Platts-Mills is available for more complex skin cases.

If you have a mole or spot of concern, you can raise this with your Doctor at your next booked consultation. If you require a more thorough "skin check" your Doctor will advise you to book a separate appointment with one of our Skin specialised Doctors.  Dr Marcus Platts-Mills, Dr Martin Denby and Dr. Dave Hassan subspecialise in skin cancer diagnosis and management and are available for "full skin consultations" – Priced from $159.

Minor Surgery

We have very experienced doctors performing skin biopsies, skin surgeries, mole removals, ingrown toenail removals and vasectomies. We have two fully-equipped operating theatres and have contracts with Waitemata DHB and Southern Cross for surgical removal of skin cancers. We also offer cryotherapy which is a treatment for various pre-cancerous skin lesions, skin tags and verrucas with liquid nitrogen.

Health Insurance - Please contact your health insurance provider to insure this service is covered prior to your appointment.