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Chicken Pox Vaccination

Chicken Pox Vaccination

Another very useful vaccine that is currently not on the immunisation schedule, is the chicken pox vaccine. Most people associate having chicken pox with having a mild illness with a characteristic rash. This is true for most, but for a significant portion of those that develop chicken pox, the complications are severe.

In 2013, 440 people were hospitilised in New Zealand and there is currently approximately one death per year directly related to chicken pox. This is because it can not only effect your skin, but give you nasty pneumonia or even a brain infection.

The chicken pox vaccine (Varilrix) has been in use in the US and Australia for over 10 years. They have noticed dramatic reductions in the amount of chicken pox.

With only one dose it is 94% effective at preventing chicken pox, and 100% effective at preventing severe complications of chicken pox.

Children and adolescents are most at risk of developing chicken pox because they are exposed to it.

At Silverdale we recommend one dose of Varilrix in those children that are unexposed between the ages of 9 months to 12 years. Another group we recommend vaccination for is those that have been exposed to chicken pox but know that they are not immune on a blood test.

Chicken pox vaccination is effective at reducing your chances of developing the virus if given within 5 days of exposure.

If you are interested in the chicken pox vaccination, book an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss.

The current cost is $80 for one dose of Varilrix.