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Virtual Consultations

What is a virtual consultation?

A virtual consult uses technology to access assessment from your doctor instead of attending the medical practice in person.
The patient can also save time, reduce infection risks, and can still successfully address most health concerns.
There are two main ways of doing the virtual consultation - Video or Phone.  Doctors generally prefer video.

You can use your phone or your computer to click on the link and start your video consultation.

How does a virtual consultation work?

Phone Consultation
The doctor will call you at the booked appointment time to the phone details that you have given to be contacted on.  

Video Consultation
Please watch the following video to check out how you can do a video consultation.  

What are benefits of virtual consultation compared to usual Face-to-Face consultation?  

  • Convenient – You can consult with your doctor from the place of your choice. Home, workplace, even out of town.   
  • Time saver – It saves your time of driving to the clinic to get consultation.  
  • Travel cost saver – You don’t need to use gas, taxi, or bus fare to get the help you need.
  • Keep you safe from infection – By avoiding attending the clinic you reduce your risk of potential exposure to all viral illnesses including Covid 19, Colds, Flu, Measles and Mumps etc.

What if I need a physical examination?  

If the doctor thinks that you would need physical examination, you will be asked to visit our clinic to change the consultation into Face-to-Face assessment at an arranged time.

What are the examples of consultations that are most suitable for virtual consultation?
Most GP consultation requires good history taking, so it is most likely that most consultation scenarios would be suitable for virtual consultation. In fact, it would be easier to give some of the examples of consultations that would not be suitable for virtual consultation.

What is the cost of the consultation?

The consultation of virtual consultation is same as face-to-face consultation if the doctor was able to provide service to you virtually. Those costs depend on your patient age, enrolment status, and Community Service Card holder status. Please see the Fees pages on the website.

What if the doctor can’t help me in a virtual consultation?

Sometimes a patient needs to visit the clinic as the patient needs physical examination. The patient will only be charged for one consult if the patient attends the clinic within 24hrs for an in-person after a virtual consultation.

How can I make the most of the virtual consultation?

Please watch this video from our Dr. Dave Hassan addressing this question.

Why get your virtual consultation from Silverdale Medical instead of other services?

Silverdale medical is committed to high quality comprehensive primary care of our enrolled patients. By accessing virtual consults, the patient has their complete medical record in one place and can be served by the range of professionals, virtually and in-person. As well, enrolled patients also benefit from the integrated care and support of general practice doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, surgeons, health improvement practitioners, and health coaches. By having all your primary care consultations with one practice, the patient benefits from a coordinated team working together to ensure the patient is well cared for.