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Vaccination Program

Vaccination Program

Covid 19 Vaccine is 100% government funded for medication and appointment – no payment is required anywhere.
People arriving for vaccination with viral symptoms are sent away as they cannot be vaccinated while sick.  You must be well.

If you completed your second COVID-19 vaccination at least four months ago, and you are aged 18 or over, you are eligible for a 3rd booster.
Children aged 5-12 are eligible to get their first vaccine now, and can walk-in or book at Weiti Creek Medical.
If you have not been vaccinated and over the age of 12 you can also access you vaccination.

The doctors of Silverdale Medical, Weiti Creek Medical, and Millwater Medical, are strongly advising most patients to get vaccinated. From the experience of our own medical staff who are fully vaccinated, the vaccine has been very well tolerated.

Getting the country fully vaccinated is the only safe path out of the pandemic. That protects the vulnerable and the Health Care system from failure.

If you have questions about the vaccine and whether or not you should take it considering your personal medical circumstances, you should book a virtual consult with a GP to get personalised medical information. The nurse available can only answer questions generally – not with specific consideration of your health circumstance.

Silverdale Medical – Vaccination Program

Silverdale Medical continues to administer the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to registered patients of the practices by appointment only.

Appointments are now available for adults evenings and weekends.

As of Saturday February 6th, children may also book their vaccine appointment at Silverdale Medical.

Patients on the MyIndici portal are recommended to book a vaccine appointment on the portal.

For Appointment Type, choose “Covid Vaccine”.
For Provider Location, choose “Silverdale Medical” and “Weiti Creek Medical” to see all appointments available.
For Book With, choose “Nurse”
Choose the different options to see different templates.

For patients not registered on the MyIndici portal you may call the main reception to book an appointment 09 427 9997.

Call volumes are highest 8am – 10am with people trying to get same day appointments, so it is best to call outside of those times.

Weiti Creek Medical - Vaccination Program

Weiti Creek Vaccination accepts walk-ins, and booked appointments.

Both enrolled and casual patients are welcome to access the vaccine at Weiti Creek Medical.

Enrolled patients can book an appointment on MyIndici portal as above, BookmyVaccine or by calling 09 427 9997 for an appointment.

Casuals can book on BookmyVaccine, or just Walk-in at Weiti Creek Medical at 3 Brian Smith Drive – Monday – Friday 8:30am  - 4:00pm.

Booked appointments take priority over walk-ins.  People with appointments should go to the front of any line at their appointment time.

With Covid 19 Delta variant still circulating in the community spreading locally, the risk to health and well-being from getting the virus is much higher than all risks associated with the vaccine.

For excellent general information about the vaccine, please use the Ministry of Health resources at:

New Guidance has been issued from the Ministry of Health advising that patients should be scheduled to receive the second vaccine injection six-weeks (42 days) after the first vaccine.

Thank you for your support as we strive to protect everyone.