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Vaccination Program

Weiti Creek Medical - Vaccination Program

Any well person over the age of 12 may attend Weiti Creek Medical as a walk-in to receive their Covid-19 vaccination.  No appointment necessary.  Casual and enrolled patients are accepted.

Silverdale Medical continues to administer the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

What patients need to know:

  • Weiti Creek Medical is now a solely vaccination site and is providing a “Green Stream” service. Only people that are not sick, do no need a swab, but need vaccination are served. People arriving for vaccination with viral symptoms are sent away as they cannot be vaccinated while sick. Walk-in if not sick.
  • Silverdale Medical has both a Green and Red stream. Registered patients who are sick with viral illness can get a physician assessment in the red stream. Registered patients can get a swab. If swabbing demand is low sometimes casual patients are accommodated but sometimes not. Call 09 427 9997 to book in.
  • Millwater Medical is Green Stream (no symptoms) general practice for registered patients only. Childhood immunizations, required in person physician assessments are serviced.

If you have questions about the vaccine and whether or not you should take it considering your personal medical circumstances, you should book a consult with your GP to get personalised medical information.

The doctors of Silverdale Medical, Weiti Creek Medical, and Millwater Medical, are strongly advising most patients to get vaccinated. From the experience of our own medical staff, the vaccine has been very well tolerated.

With Covid 19 Delta variant in the community spreading locally, the risk to health and well-being from getting the virus is much higher than all risks associated with the vaccine.

For excellent general information about the vaccine please use the Ministry of Health resources at:

New Guidance has been issued from the Ministry of Health advising that patients should be scheduled to receive the second vaccine injection six-weeks (42 days) after the first vaccine. Exceptions can be made for a shorter duration between injections, but 21 days remains the minimum interval.

Patients who have been booked for their second vaccine at the 21-day interval who want to reschedule, may send a text with their first name, last name, and date of birth to 021 246 9997. Someone from the Covid Vaccination Clinic at Weiti Creek will confirm new appointments within 2 working days. Please do not call either the mobile phone or the clinic general phone numbers. If you are booked but unable to send a text, you may stop by in person at the Weiti Creek Vaccination clinic to rebook your second vaccination appointment.

Thank you for your support as we strive to protect the patient population.