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Level 4 Lockdown Anouncement

Silverdale Medical remains open in Level 4 Lockdown.

Registered patients are advised to seek most care via virtual appointments. Only in cases where direct examination is required should patients leave home to attend a clinical visit.

While in the clinic all patients must wear a mask, and follow staff instruction.

Enrolled Patients with symptoms of viral infection should call the clinic and speak to a nurse on how to get their needs met. Silverdale Medical does provide swabs and medical assessment for viral clinic patients that are enrolled with the practice.

Casual patients with viral infection symptoms may book a virtual assessment only, but must pay for the assessment in advance of booking. Virtual Assessments are invoiced at the same rate as in person assessment. However if the doctor decides the condition cannot be assessed virtually,  you will not be charged for a second assessment. Patients who attend the viral clinic are expected to get a swab.