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Drive-In Vaccination Service

Weiti Creek Medical Launches The First Drive-In Vaccination Service On The Hibiscus Coast!

In partnership with Bunnings Silverdale and Pro Care PHO, the medical staff of Weiti Creek Medical, Silverdale Medical, and Millwater Medical proudly bring a Drive-in Vaccination Service to Silverdale.

The medical team is thrilled to bring the vaccine to the wider community of the Hibiscus Coast. The doctors of the three medical centres are so committed to ensuring all eligible people quickly, easily, and safely have access to the vaccine, that they are out there vaccinating people themselves. The team is grateful for the community spirit and generosity Bunnings Silverdale has expressed in supporting the initiative. Bunnings has donated the use of their car park site as well as two Bunnings staff members to assist with directing traffic.

Who is Eligible?
All members of the pubic 12 years of age and older.

No Appointment necessary.

People arriving for a vaccination should have made the decision that vaccination is the right decision for them before arriving. If someone has questions about their personal health circumstances and the vaccine, they should seek a virtual appointment with their GP to review their unique health circumstance and get their personal vaccine questions answered.

The car park site is not the best choice for patients with a history of significant adverse reaction to vaccines. These types of cases are best managed in an indoor facility. The site still has emergency response protocols, equipment, and skilled staff to react appropriately, but it isn’t as comfortable for the patients.

We believe that the Covid-19 immunization effort is the single most important public health initiative of our generation, and we are proud to be a part of it.